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Environmental Experience

In today's highly regulated environmentally conscious construction world, there is a strong need to understand how any project, facility or process will effect the environment and how such regulations will affect you and your project.

KSM is experienced in all areas of:

  • Underground Storage Tanks (UST) & Above Ground Tank (AGT) failure analyses

  • Time of failure by corrosion of USTs & AGTs

  • Environmental Audits including Phase I, Phase II and other investigations

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Indoor Environmental & Air Quality Issues solutions

Environmental Engineering

The following is a partial list of environmental projects:

  • Phase I and phase II audits
  • Storm water protection - design of retention facilities, oil separators, contaminant strippers & dike designs
  • Federal, state and local permits
  • Expert reports and testimony for environmental damages
  • Environmental risk and cost analyses
  • Industrial facilities - closures and title clearances for banks
  • Design of remediation systems including foundation replacement /cribbing during contaminant removal

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