KSM Engineering is a multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm providing a diverse selection of engineering services. Our professional engineers are licensed in NY, NJ, PA and DE.

Whether you are looking for development, environmental, civil, forensic, or other engineering services, KSM has the experience it takes to provide designs, secure permits and all phases of your construction projects.



Civil And Structural Engineering Areas:

Foundations & Walls
– Footings
– Foundations
– Slabs
– Retaining Walls – Concrete, Blocks or Geo-grid Reinforced Blocks


– Drainage/Hydrology
– Soil Analyses
– Soil Strength Determination
– Hydrology Effects
– Side Slope Stability
– Seismic Evaluation

– Site
– Buildings
– Foundations


– Steel Frame
– Wood Frame
– Reinforced Concrete
– Bridges

Structural Failure Analyses

Vibration Assessments